Cierra Taylor  Tattoo Artist I’m 25 years old and I grew up in tattoo shops my whole life. I use to go to work with my dad and hangout in the shop or do like drawings in the drawing rooms. I’ve always looked up to my dad and thought the tattoo industry was the most interesting thing in the world. I was always good in school so I decided to go to college for psychology but after two years I decided to quit because I realized that’s not what I truly wanted to do with my life even if it came easy to me. Art has always been like therapy to me and tattooing means so much to me and I want to wake up and enjoy going to work everyday. My dad has always encouraged my art and pushed me to do more with it but I always lacked the confidence to get into tattooing until one day for my birthday my dad made me tattoo one of my designs on him and surprisingly it didn’t suck! I did an apprenticeship a couple times but had to step back from it due to problems in life and trying to work full time and take care of two kids who are my entire world. I’ve been back into my apprenticeship and tattooing since January 2021 and I’m super thankful for the amazing crew I get to work with and learn from at Ink Therapy!
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